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90s Rewind

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Having two people casually talking about their childhood experiences in one of the most exciting and beloved centuries - what a great idea! Too bad it wasn't mine, but the idea behind a podcast called Young in the 80s. I loved the idea a lot and wished there was something similar for the 90s - so I reached out to the creators of Young in the 80s and asked them for permission to use their idea for a 90s related podcast. Luckily, they agreed!

Venturing Into Podcasts

The year was 20141, and I convinced my best friend to create a podcast around how we perceived growing up in the 90s. We had a lot of fun recording the episodes and remembering the good times of the past while preparing for it.

Back then, podcasts already had a huge audience2, and our rather modest level of professionalism fit right in with other podcasts of that era3.

Podcasting Takes Time

We ended the project due to time constraints. Preparing, recording, post-processing, community work - all this is time-consuming, so we ended it and withdrew the episodes from the podcast hosting services. However, all episodes are still available here:

  1. Back then, we thought the trend was already over and we're basically jumping on a dead medium. Don't trust me on tech trends.

  2. Probably not in comparison to today, but we considered the numbers insanely huge. Honestly, I thought the numbers must've been wrong and didn't pay attention to them - until someone recognised my voice during a webinar I gave at work.

  3. I sometimes wonder how much of a following our podcast would have if we continued it until today. Maybe we shouldn't have limited it to the 90s.