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Back to Blogging!

I started my first blog in 20098. Back then, setting up a blog was a tedious effort, as you had to set up and maintain the server, the database and the software yourself. I only used it infrequently, but it helped me focus on current topics and mentally put things in a certain order.

Back then, Blogs where already a firmly established medium, especially since the early Social Media at that time did not provide blogging-like functionality. But the social media evolved, and so my blog was replaced ultimately by Facebook. The evolution did not stop here, and even though I was one of the early adaptors of Facebook in Germany (leaving its German rip-off, StudiVZ, while it was still in full swing), I left Facebook, and in fact most social media, in 2016.

While I never regretted that decision, it left a gap for my longer texts which other people might find useful. So I am back to blogging! You can definitely expect texts around the social aspects of engineering and development, but also texts on other current issues and topics. Stay tuned!

Addendum: Thinking back, I definitely already had a blog in 2008, maybe earlier than that. It doesn't matter a lot though, so I am going with 2008 from now on.)