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The hecto Text Editor

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hecto is a black sheep among my side projects. I built it in 2019, when I was very bored at work. As a JavaScript guy, I wanted to take a stab at this new and cool Rust Thing, and I read an interesting article about how to build your own Text Editor in C. So I decided to do the same, but in Rust, and I turned my learnings into a series of blog posts. The result is hecto, a text editor in Rust, and a step-by-step tutorial to build it yourself, from scratch.

hecto is a black sheep because it's one of the few projects that gained significant attention. It's also a black sheep because I've put comparatively little effort into it - from start to finish, including several inevitable rewrites and putting it all online - it took me three months and then I was done with it.

I'm very proud of hecto, but I was slightly embarrassed when people started asking me to speak at a Rust conference - I was still the JavaScript guy at heart. And to be quite frank: I've forgotten all of it ever since. These days, I couldn't write a single line of Rust to save my life.

Find hecto here.