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Where Did the Quirkiness Go?

I'm almost done migrating my old blog to I'll leave a lot of stuff un-migrated and archive them, especially micro-posts where I used my old blog as a replacement for Mastodon.

Looking at what I've migrated, I noticed that with very, very few exceptions, most of my postings revolve around work. I like my job, and I'm using my blog to make sense of what I've learned at work, but I can't help but wonder: where did the quirkiness go?

Back in the days of tumblr, I used to write posts about a lady who always pushed the wrong buttons on our company elevator, metaphorically pushing all the wrong buttons with me, too. I used to write about movies I'd enjoy (or hate), and I wrote about how I spent much money on a Blu-Ray player and had a serious case of Buyer's Remorse.

Trivial stuff. Unimportant stuff. Quirky stuff. Where did it all go?