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I Am Rewriting Hecto, the Tutorial To Write a Text Editor in Rust

Just the other day I was porting my old post about hecto, a text editor I once wrote in Rust (including a tutorial on how to do it) over to this blog and was reminded about how much fun I had writing this tutorial back in 2019. I've received very positive feedback about it, but I un-learned most of my Rust knowledge in the meantime and didn't update it.

However, looking at the analytics of my shiny new blog made me aware that to this day, dozens to hundreds requests per day hit the tutorial. That, and the fact that I'm currently not allowed to go running and therefore have more time at hand, lead me to decide that I'm going to brush up on my Rust knowledge and fully rewrite both the tutorial and hecto itself.

I will publish some of the work as soon as I have completed it. I have created a changelog which shows the changes I made to the tutorial and also the progress that I'm making about the various parts.

Until I am finished, you can still visit the original tutorial in my archive.