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hecto: Change Log

hecto, Change Log


I am currently rewriting hecto. Find the progress of the rewrite below. While the rewrite is in progress, you can still enjoy the 2019 version. At this point, all chapters have been written and published. However, they still need some polishing and proofreading. The following table shows you which chapters have been published 🌐, and which ones are completely done ✅ .

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2024 Version Change Log

The tutorial overall


Chapter 1: Setup

Chapter 2: Entering Raw Mode

Chapter 3: Raw Input and Output

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7:



2019 Version

This post is part of the tutorial hecto: Build Your Own Text Editor in Rust. Find more information, especially around licensing and credits, here. This post was last updated 1 month ago.